Access to SR-5 is limited by the YELLOW GATE. If you are attending the meeting, wait near the gate for access......

OIC/RSO are needed to open the ranges. Ranges cannot operate unless adequately staffed by OIC/RSO.......

Schofield Rod & Gun Club Home Page

Please do not contact Range Control for general SRGC or scheduling information - check this web site or watch for "all members" emails for the latest info.

The Schofield Rod & Gun Club (SRGC) is a private, non-profit organization established to promote the safe and recreational use of firearms. We are located on the U.S. Army's Schofield Barracks in central Oahu, home of the 25th Infantry Division.

By way of using Army ranges, the SRGC operates a rifle/pistol range when available on weekend days and a shotgun trap range (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays).

The SRGC's leadership and operations are completely run by the volunteer efforts of the membership. To, join, you must be active duty military, reserve/National Guard, a DoD civilian worker, or a retiree of any of those categories. Associate memberships for those who do not meet these criteria are available on a limited basis. Dues are $20.00 a year and 12 hours annual volunteer service to the Club.

The SRGC is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and the Hawaii Rifle Association. To help protect our firearms rights, membership in those organizations is highly encouraged. For a membership application, please visit our web site, one of our ranges while in operation, write/email the Membership Director or attend a meeting. Meetings are held at range SR-5 (Skeet Range) on Schofield Barracks, the second Wednesday of every month at 1900 hours.

Be advised that military police have been cracking down on various traffic offenses.  Two "biggies" that they are cracking down on are exceeding the posted speed limit, and holding an electronic device while driving. 

Speeding - Exceeding the posted speed limit by as little as 1 MPH could result in a citation.  This would be a matter handled in FEDERAL COURT.  One speeding citation could result in suspension of visitor pass privileges for one month as well as a monetary fine.  A second speeding citation could result in a permanent ban from the military installation.

Holding an electronic device while driving - If you are caught holding an electronic device while driving, your driving privileges may be immediately revoked.  You will be required to arrange for another person to drive your vehicle off base.  Although enforcement has been in effect for several months, military police are cracking down on this and other traffic violations. 

Keep in mind that ALL Hawaii traffic laws apply and are enforced on post.  It is YOUR responsibility as a driver to comply with traffic laws.  Consequences for violating traffic laws on post are often a lot more severe than if you are caught off post. 
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